Superior Hydraulic Front Bump Stop Kit suit Nissan Patrol GQ/GU - 3" Travel

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Superior Engineering Hydraulic Front Bump Stop Kit suitable for the Nissan Patrol GQ/GU - 3” Inch (75mm) Travel.

Sold as kit.

Superior Engineering has simplified fitting hydraulic bump stops in the front of your Nissan Patrol GQ or GU.

With their Patented Semi-Bolt In design, you can have hydraulic bump stops fitted to your offroader in a few hours.

Key Features

  • 3" Travel - Suits bigger lifts (4-6"+) and race vehicles
  • The kit is supplied with all the parts you need to fit the kit, all you need is a grinder, welder and some basic hand tools to complete the installation.

Hydraulic bump stops are superior to regular rubber stops because of the progressive way the hydraulic bump stop works.

Whilst rubber bumps are progressive they have a fixed rate and get hard and brittle over time, giving a harsh engagement of the bump stop.

Hydraulic bump stops can be adjusted (via gas pressure) to have different rates of compression.  And as the pressure is lower at engagement then builds throughout compression, they offer a much smoother ride.

Patent Number: 201516906