Hydraulic Winches

Strong performance hydraulic winches from Novawinch for commercial and industrial applications.

When it comes to superior pulling power and efficiency, the best hydraulic winch can make all the difference to your heavy-duty tasks. At Force4, we understand this need and have curated a reliable line of hydraulic winches that cater to most commercial applications in New Zealand. Crafted with rugged durability and top-tier performance in mind, these winches are your go-to companions for all those challenging operations, be it in industrial settings or marine environments.

The best hydraulic winch, as offered by Force4, not only guarantees seamless operation but also ensures unparalleled safety. Our comprehensive range is designed to meet the diverse requirements of professionals, offering steadfast reliability in even the most arduous situations. So, whether you're engaged in construction, shipping, or any field that requires robust pulling capabilities, the best hydraulic winch from Force4 is ready to enhance your performance.

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Novawinch H-EN Series Hydraulic Winch 10,000lb



Novawinch H-EN Series Hydraulic Winch 18,000lb



Novawinch H-EN Series Hydraulic Winch 30,000lb