EFS Driving Lights

LED Light Bars and Spotlights for your 4X4, and portable LED vehicle work lights for the workshop or out on the track.

The pursuit of off-road adventure can often take us into the dimly lit stretches of New Zealand's most challenging landscapes. Here at Force4, we understand that visibility is crucial for safety and performance when embarking on such thrilling expeditions. That's why we proudly bring to you our range of EFS driving lights. These are not just ordinary lights; they are meticulously designed illumination systems that cater to the diverse lighting needs of 4WD enthusiasts.

Our EFS driving lights are the embodiment of durability and reliability, tested to withstand the harshest conditions that come with off-road exploration. Whether you're navigating through a dense forest at dusk or battling a storm on a remote trail, these lights provide superior illumination, ensuring clear vision and safer travels. With Force4 and EFS driving lights, you can confidently venture into the wild, knowing that no obstacle can stand in your way.

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EFS Vivid Max LED Light Bar - 180W 40.75"



EFS Vivid Max Driving Light - 180W Spotlight 9"



EFS Vivid Max LED Light Bar - 150W 34.25"



EFS Vivid Max LED Light Bar - 120W 27.76"



EFS Vivid Max Driving Light - 90W Spotlight 7"



EFS Vivid Max LED Light Bar - 90W 21.26"



EFS Vividmax Wiring Loom



EFS VividMax Work Light - 3" Square



EFS Lightbar Tube Mount Bracket 50mm

VM-BKT1 body


EFS Lightbar Tube Mount Bracket 63mm

VM-BKT2 body


EFS Vividmax 9" Light Wiring Adaptor