Radflo specialises in OE replacement suspension, shock absorbers and dampers for military vehicles, pickup trucks, SUV, and motorsport industries.

Quality, performance and longevity? Radflo.

As a supplier to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) like Nissan, and some of the most successful racing teams in the world, Southern Californian company Radflo has the knowledge, experience and resources to make your suspension perform better than you ever thought possible.

For quality, performance and longevity, Radflo has a proven track record in the motorsport industry - off-road trucks, buggies, production cars, open wheel Formula Vee racers, motorcycles, drag racers, street rods, trophy trucks, even open wheel race cars… if it has a suspension, Radflo has the solution.

They’ve supplied the South African Defence Force, Nissan, and other OEMs, and Force4 stand by Radflo suspensions for their quality, performance and strength in the toughest terrains.

What Radflo suspension can offer you:

  • Unmatchable product build quality
  • Aftermarket suspension manufacturers and suppliers to OEMs
  • OE replacement products
  • Proven in the motorsport and military industries
  • The best suspension offering in USA available here in New Zealand
  • Win races with Radflo shock applications.

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