Our Story

What we're about

Our Story

4WD is all about freedom and good ‘dirty’ fun. It’s about getting out of the city and getting a long way off the beaten track, where the rules are few and the excitement is endless. It’s about hanging out with people from all walks of life. It’s about getting the kids off screens and into the wild. And we’re here to help make it all happen. We have the right gear, the right dealers and the right advice to make your adventure unlimited.

We believe it’s healthy when you have an off-road obsession.  That’s why, in 2013, we created Force4.

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What we’re about

  1. Fast off the mark – We are one of the most responsive suppliers in the country, helping dealers and clients get the best possible service.
  2. Mud cred – We live and breathe 4WD – as club members and competitors. This means that in most cases, we’ve personally put our products to the test, or know someone that has.
  3. Backing up – We’ve earned a reputation as leaders in after sales support.
  4. Premium range – We handpick the best 4WD brands from around the globe – EFS, Radflo, Airbag Man, Red Winch and Xrox to name a few. We also understand the importance of our products being affordable and accessible to customers across the board.
  5. Giving back – We’re strong supporters of the wider 4WD family, sponsoring a variety of winch challenges and individual trucks.