Superior High Clearance Diff Brace Kit suit Nissan Patrol GQ & GU - Front (without Diff Guard) 

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Superior Engineering high clearance diff brace kit suitable for Nissan Patrol GQ & GU front. Diff brace kits are a DIY kit made easy.

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Key Features

  • 4mm steel folded top brace to weld along the passenger side top of the diff
  • 10mm steel ring for protecting the drain plug
  • 4 laser cut 10mm gussets to fit above and below the knuckles
  • unbreakable steel pressed 6mm front diff guard that will fully protect diff gears from damage.


  • A welder is required.
  • Please note: Once a top diff brace is fitted, the diff to sump clearance should be checked, bump stops may need to be lowered to allow for the extra height of brace.

Nissan Diff Brace Fitted