Superior Engine Mount Comp Spec suit Nissan Patrol GQ/GU - 4 bolt (Passenger Side)

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Superior Engineering heavy duty rebuildable engine mounts can help to alleviate the occurrence of mount failure in Nissan Patrols.

Four bolt engine mount for passenger side only with bushes fitted ready to be bolted in.

Sold each.


Changing to a captive Nissan control arm bush reduces the amount of strain and pull that tends to tear the standard mounts apart.

When these rebuildable mounts do eventually wear out, simply press in some easily attained standard Nissan rear control arm bushes to get back on the road.


  • Perfect for competition use.
  • Australian made.

Fitment Notes

  • Due to grey imports into New Zealand of the Nissan GQ and GU, the year brackets for the 2 and 4 bolt engine mounts can vary widely compared to Australian listings.
  • Please ensure you purchase 2 bolt engine mounts if your motor has existing 2 bolt mounts and the 4 bolt option for 4 bolt mounts.
  • Performance engine mounts are designed specifically for extreme condition use. Transmission of increased vibration and harmonics is possible, as a factor of engine and transmission rigidity. Combination mounting of OE components is acceptable if a greater reduction in vibration is required.