Superior Hybrid Superflex Radius Arms with Drop Box suit Nissan Patrol GQ/GU (Gen 2) - Suit 2” lift

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Superior Engineering Superflex Hybrid Radius Arms with Drop Box suitable for Nissan Patrol GQ/GU with a 2" inch lift.

Sold as pair.

These Superior Superflex Radius arms are designed to provide maximum articulation and excellent high-speed handling for competition trucks. Get the flex and drivability you need, and longer life from your bushes.

The difference between these Superior arms and the standard Nissan radius arm is the use of a Toyota style rear bush. This change enables increased life from the rear bush when flexing the arms up off-road by allowing the radius arm to flex down without the binding found in the pin style design.

Please note radius arms provided offer 1” inch lift more of castor correction than equivalent product listings shown on the Superior Engineering website. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Key Features

  • Manufactured from high tensile Bisalloy 80/Strenx700 Plate
  • High tensile bush eyes
  • 32mm main beam thickness for maximum strength
  • Rubber bushes pre-fitted into arms
  • Laser-cut to precise measurement and caster location
  • Superior mounting drop boxes are a straight bolt-in design requiring no cutting
  • Pre-drilled for ABS brake lines and an 85mm swaybar saddle (see Fitment)
  • Factory swaybar will fit to allow safe on-road handling (see Fitment)
  • Factory ABS lines will bolt-on (see Fitment)
  • Sandblasted with rust prevention applied
  • Powder-coated for maximum durability and finish
  • Sway bar adapter plate bracket and bolts have an SA5 Zinc coating for rust prevention
  • Allows vehicle to track correctly on the road due to correct caster
  • Maximum clearance between the tie rod and the radius arms
  • Fitting instructions included
  • Patented Design
  • Australian made.

Fitment Notes


  • All Superior Radius Arms for the Nissan GQ/GU models come with:
    • Pre-drilled sway bar mounting holes at 85mm centres. If you have the earlier 70mm centre sway bar saddles, we have sway bar bush and saddle options available to suit the arms.
    • Pre-drilled ABS line routing holes and ABS line clips and hardware to suit.   
  • Please check ABS sensor lines (if fitted) are free to move through the full range of travel.
  • Factory bump stops may need to be extended depending on the coils and shock combination used.
  • Due to the vast variances in weights and heights of vehicles and suspension combinations, Superior recommend you move your suspension in the full range of the shock absorber compression/rebound travel and consider coil bind. Also, check all areas for clearance issues.


Some vehicle modifications require LVVTA Certification. The following products may require LVVTA Certification when fitted:

  • Adjustable Drag links and Drop Drag links
  • Adjustable Panhard rods
  • Adjustable Rear lower control arms
  • Adjustable Rear upper control arms
  • Adjustable Tie rods
  • Adjustable Torque arms
  • Diff drops
  • Dropboxes
  • Extended shackles
  • Radius arms (in most instances)
  • Upper control arms (UCA’s)

This information is a guide only, and we recommend you contact your local certifier in all cases where certification may be required.

Product comparison

  • Fig. 1 shows the Superior Arm deflecting only 4.1mm under load with real-world load points.
  • Fig. 2 shows the Competitor's Arm deflecting 24.91mm under the same load points and loads, almost the same as the width of the Arm itself.
  • Also of note is the Competitor's Arm deflected to a point that may cause metal fatigue over time, which may lead to total failure.

Superior Engineering Patent No's. 2008202797, 2010100451, 2011904187