RED Winches - OX 12 volt motor with quick release

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Red Winch 12 volt OX motor with quick release and M6 studs.

This motor has been developed and designed by RED Winch for people into serious off-roading and under real world testing it has proven to be an exceptionally powerful motor. 

The motor has a unique RED Winch designed quick release mechanism. This allows the motor to be changed quickly in the unlikely event you have a motor you need to change.

Key Features

  • Twin bearing setup (Front and Back)
  • Heavy duty brush pack, for those that want to over-volt
  • Dedicated mounting holes on the rear of the motor end plate for your motor solenoid
  • Flat rear cover, allowing mounting of the motor solenoid easier
  • High quality, robust commutator and brush setup
  • More efficient design


  • The OX motor can be fitted to most RED Winch products.
  • The OX Motor will not fit the original Red Winch Hornet1 or Atom winch.
  • The OX Motor can fit winches that have traditional motors already fitted, like the XP or BOW2, but some minor modifications may be needed due to the increased body diameter
  • It will fit onto your winch using either M6 location bosses (RED Winches, Storm Top Housing) or 1/4 UNC for WARN and non-UK Winches.
  • For older Warn 8274 single motor top housing you will need the longer mounting studs.

Ox motor mounting studs 1/4 unc also available on request. 

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