Radflo 2.0" Hydraulic Pinch Mount Bump Stop - 3" Travel W/ 1.25" Shaft

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Radflo Suspension Off Road 2.0 Inch Hydraulic Pinch Mount Bump Stop W/ 1.25 Inch Shaft 3 Inch Travel

Radflo hydraulic bump stops are the perfect solution for vehicles that experience suspension bottoming at high speeds or when heavily laden.

As the suspension reaches maximum compression, this secondary shock progressively increases damping resistance for maximum impact control.

As a result, the vehicle and occupants are protected from high stress loads. Protects vehicle and driver from high stress loads caused by severe suspension impacts.

Radflo bump stops are engaged during the last few inches of compression travel to help cushion heavy impacts. When used correctly, they can significantly reduce dangerous stress loads that could otherwise harm the vehicle and driver.

Race ready construction and superior finish. Radflo hydraulic bump stops feature a smooth, mirror polished body manufactured from SSID steel tubing. A clear cadmium finish provides the highest level of corrosion resistance. Velocity sensitive valving automatically adjusts to terrain for improved control, handling and comfort.

Radflo's exclusive Freeflo racing piston utilizes adaptive damping technology to automatically match bump stop performance to surface conditions. Multi-stage compression and rebound damping characteristics can be independently customized to suit your vehicle setup and driving preferences. Completely rebuildable, serviceable and tunable for virtually unlimited service life. Radflo designed every single component to be easily serviced or replaced. Even the individual valve shims can be changed to fine-tune damping performance.

Exceptionally strong piston rod assembly designed for the harshest off-road racing conditions. Radflo's chrome plated 1.25 inch alloy steel rod and slippery bronze rod guide provide unyielding performance in the roughest terrain. Multi-direction, triple lip sealing system prevents oil contamination while ensuring excellent gas and oil retention.