Superior Steering Damper Taper Pin suit Nissan Patrol GU

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Superior Engineering steering damper pin for the Nissan Patrol GU.

Sold each.

Twin-tube design with a 35mm piston and a 16mm shaft that provides excellent performance, and is designed to give a more comfortable and improved steering control.

Cellular foam prevents cavitation of oil inside the damper when it heats up during use over rough roads; this allows the damper to work more consistently.

Highly polished chrome shaft ensures long shaft life.

High-quality seals are designed to protect against oil leaks and perform very well even in dusty and dirty conditions.

Key Features

  • Highly polished chrome steel shaft is 16mm in diameter
  • All bushes are made from durable rubber, rather then polyurethane
  • Welded pins and eyes ensures a strong mounting point for the shocks
  • All Superior Engineering dampers are supplied with a protective steel boot
  • Ball joints are supplied with grease nipples for easy maintenance
  • The piston has a Teflon coating allowing it to slide more smoothly and last longer.