Superior Panhard Rod suit Nissan Patrol GQ 8/89+ Adjustable - Front

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Superior Engineering heavy-duty front adjustable panhard rod custom-designed. Suitable for Nissan Patrol GQ 8/89 onwards.

Sold each.


Adjustable panhard rods are needed when performing any lifts over 2 inches. They are adjusted so as the axle sits directly underneath the chassis.


  • Fitted with genuine Nissan bushes
  • 1 1/4 UNF fine thread, twin locking nuts and 150mm of thread
  • Manufactured from 32mm OD High Tensile Bar
  • Designed for GQ Nissan Patrol
  • Lifetime warranty against bending
  • Australian made


  • Manufactured using ITS Seal Technology on internally threaded adjustable suspension linkages, eliminating the ingress of moisture or liquids that can cause corrosion or rust.
  • A specially machined seal groove and the incorporation of a hydraulic seal between the locking nuts, the thread and the link, provide a perfect pressure-tight seal.
  • This patented process (PN-2015101600) is exclusive to Superior Engineering's internally threaded items such as tie rods, draglinks, panhard rods and control arms (upper and lower).

Fitment Notes


  • Pin - Pin damper brackets are usually 8/89 on where the damper goes from Panhard to drag link
  • Damper bracket is supplied.


Some vehicle modifications require LVVTA Certification. The following products may require LVVTA Certification when fitted:

  • Adjustable Drag links and Drop Drag links
  • Adjustable Panhard rods
  • Adjustable Rear lower control arms
  • Adjustable Rear upper control arms
  • Adjustable Tie rods
  • Adjustable Torque arms
  • Diff drops
  • Dropboxes
  • Extended shackles
  • Radius arms (in most instances)
  • Upper control arms (UCA’s)

This information is a guide only, and we recommend you contact your local certifier in all cases where certification may be required.

    Rubber bush warranty

    • Where possible, Superior Engineering uses genuine Original Equipment (OE) bushes in suspension components. However, if genuine OE bushes cannot be sourced from Australian suppliers for any reasonable circumstance, they endeavour to supply Superior Engineering bushes of equivalent quality.
    • Vehicle manufacturers such as Nissan Australia and Toyota Australia’s warranty policy states ‘that no bush will be covered under warranty when installed in an ‘aftermarket’ suspension component, or fitted in any ‘lifted’ vehicle.’
    • Superior Engineering provides a three-month warranty on Genuine OE bushes, and Superior Engineering Rubber Bushes supplied and fitted to Superior Engineering manufactured suspension components such as radius arms, panhards and rear control arms. Superior Engineering rubber bushes are 100% Australian made and have proven to outlast Genuine OE bushes after years of testing.
    • Superior Engineering products may be supplied with either style bushes, depending on manufacturers' availability and may vary across batches. The Warranties are applicable to all associated components and will be valid from the date of initial purchase. The warranty applies to bush failure from manufacturing defects. However, it does not cover abuse or over-flexing of rubber bushes outside what would be considered common use.

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