Superior Idler Arm Brace Nissan suit Nissan Navara D22

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Superior Engineering bolt-on idler arm brace for your Nissan D22 Navara.

Sold each.

Creates a double shear mounting point for the factory idler arm spindle shaft. This item installs to your factory idler arm.


Eliminates the side loading force generated by big tyres bouncing off of large rocks.

Key Features

  • Laser-cut and CNC folded for a perfect fit finished in SUP5 Zinc Coating.
  • Australian-made

Important information about steering components

  • Superior Engineering steering components are replacement items that, in most cases, are upgraded to be a stronger, better choice than the factory item. Superior Engineering steering components will meet or exceed the factory specifications of OEM products.
  • Although Superior Engineering may be stronger or exceed OEM specifications, maintenance must still be performed on the components to ensure a safe and reasonable life out of the products.
  • For all steering products, we recommend you carefully check the ends, internal and external threads and on hollow bars inside the rod, every service you have on the vehicle or six-monthly minimum to ensure nothing is loose, damaged or rusted. Check to ensure no rust has formed on any steering parts as well, as this may shorten the life or warranty of the product.
  • Due to the harsh environments such as beach work and general 4WDing, rust may quickly form on steel steering components. Therefore, we recommend you replace the items if rust is present.
  • If there is any wear or ‘play’ in the ball joints, tie rod ends or threads, they must also be replaced for safety reasons.