Superior Superflex Sway Bar System suit Nissan Patrol GQ/GU - Front (Straight Style)

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Superior Engineering Front Super Flex Sway Bar Kit (Straight Style) suitable for the Nissan GQ/GU Patrol. 

To fit 3-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch lifts. Simply select your vehicle lift when ordering.

The patented design and superior materials of this kit will give your Patrol great levels of flex and still retain superb on-road handling.

With the Super Flex, Sway Bars fitted sway bar disconnects are almost a thing of the past.

Drop down vs Straight Style Sway Bar Design

For most vehicles, the Drop-Down style design is the preferred style as it gives better clearance for the exhaust and underneath the vehicle.

The Straight Superflex Sway Bar version is for vehicles fitted with the following arms. The straight style sway bar gives the best clearance with these forms of castor correction.

  • Superior Hybrid Hyperflex Radius Arms
  • Superior Hybrid Superflex Radius Arms
  • Superior Hybrid plain Radius Arms
  • Factory radius arms with Superior Dropbox
  • Superior 5 link (Note sway bars must be disconnected for offroad use when used with the 5 link.)

It is not recommended to run the straight style sway bar with any Superior Radius arms that are a non Hybrid type / are a factory style pinned bush connection at the chassis, these will require the drop down option.

Important Note

Sway bar saddles are not provided with this kit. If you are also buying Superior Radius Arms and your existing sway bar saddles have 70mm hole centres, you will also need to purchase 2 x SKU: 26873 sway bar saddles and 1 x SKU: SPF1484-27K bush kit to suit 


  • This Swaybar Kit may not work on SWB vehicles.
  • The fitment of the rear sway bar mounts are designed for those vehicles with OE style sub tanks or standard size tanks.
  • Attention should also be paid to where the mounting position is for the rear main exhaust bracket, in some circumstances it may need to be adjusted or modified for clearance to the passenger side link and mount.
  • Recommended Maximum Bar Angle is 25 Degrees. (Exceeding this angle can void warranty.)
  • Using the Superflex sway bar with any system other than specified will void the warranty.

Australian-made | Patent Application number: 2014100156 | Design Application number: 10785/2014