Superior Brake Proportioning Valve Bracket 4" Lift - suit Nissan Patrol GQ/GU | Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series

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Heavy-duty Superior Engineering Brake Proportioning Valve Bracket suitable for Nissan Patrol GQ/GU and Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series with a 4" inch lift. 

Sold each.

These Australian made, Superior Engineering proportioning brackets enable your brakes to perform at their peak. 

Easy to bolt-on using a couple of spanners.

Usage & Fitment

When a lift kit is fitted to a 4WD it is mandatory to fit a correct size proportioning bracket.

4WD's have a "brake bias" or proportioning valve that is fitted to the braking system. The purpose of this is to allow the correct proportion of brakes between the front and the rear brakes.

If a vehicle has a lift kit fitted, the proportioning valve / brake bias will think that there is no load on the rear end so the brakes will not perform correctly for the vehicle and this may cause a vehicle to lose control and crash.

As a general rule, you must lift the proportioning bracket / brake bias bracket mounting point up the same amount as the vehicle is lifted over standard "factory" height.

So if you have a 4-inch lift you should lift your proportioning valve / brake bias up approximately 4 inches.

It is also recommended to fit braided brake lines if you have fitted larger tyres or raised the vehicle.