RED Winches - Storm Top Housing with overdrive gearset




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The Red Winches Storm Top Housing with overdrive gearset to transforms a single motor 8274 winch into a high-performance twin motor winch

This innovative top housing from RED Winches allows the serious winch user to take advantage of a simple upgrade to their current single motor 8274 winches.

This upgrade will transform your single motor winch into a more powerful and faster winch.

With its solid billet machined housing for strength and durability it’s the perfect choice to transform your 8274 into a high-performance winch system.

The unique design delivers an 8274 winch with a Red Winches air brake system, allowing an 8274 to stop instantly (remove). This design allows the user to purchase the STORM top housing now and upgrade later with the air brakes.

The STORM overdrive gearset will make the gearset 53% quicker than the standard Warn 8274 with a final ratio of 62.6 to 1

Note: Fitting the Storm Top Housing removes the factory Warn 8274 freespool function. If a freespool function is required, you will need to replace the factory winch drum with an aftermarket air freespool operated drum or similar.


What can be fitted

  • Motors: The STORM can work on its own using the OX / Lynx / BOW1 / BOW2 / BOW3 and WARN XP winch motors
  • Air Brake: RED Winch Air Brake Units (ABU) can be bought separately and added to the STORM. These will fit directly to the STORM housing, with the motors fitting into the back of them.

Where it can be fitted

  • Warn 8274 Bottom Housing
  • GP80 Freespool Lower Housing