RED Winches Electric Winch - Hornet2 12 volt with XL drum & OD gearing

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Red Winch Hornet2 12 volt electric winch with extra-large drum and overdrive gearing.

The Hornet is the ultimate choice when it comes to the best competition electric winch for your vehicle. The RED Winch engineers have designed and developed this high-performance twin motor electric winch for the 4×4 competition and Motorsport markets.

It has been designed with the competition in mind and has many features ideally suited to high-performance Motorsport events.

This overdrive gearset model can provide speeds of up to 60m/min (197ft/min), so you have the power and speed when you need it.

Key Features

  • Twin motor electric winch
  • Winch body CNC machined from solid high-grade heat-treated aerospace aluminium
  • Powerful single Ox motor
  • Air brake fitted
  • Air actuated freespool completely disconnects the drum from the gearbox for unparalleled rope run out
  • Engineered drum supported by precision sealed bearings
  • XL Drum increases the width of the drum by +125mm over the standard width drum.
  • Classic Red Winches black and red anodising finish
  • DC182 solenoids

Fitment notes

  • The Hornet2 XL drum will hold:
    • 90m of 10mm synthetic rope
    • 78m of 11mm synthetic rope
    • 67m of 12mm synthetic rope

 Winch rope, free spool air solenoid and/or manual air switch sold separately.

Important Information

It is recommended that your vehicle be 1800kg or less for overdrive gearset to be suitable.

Looking for something else?

There are many options and configurations available for Red Winches including 12V and 24V, colour, solenoid and drum choice. Please contact us for stock availability and ordering.