Novawinch H-EN Series Hydraulic Winch 10,000lb

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Novawinch H-EN series planetary gear hydraulic 10,000lb winch.

This winch is designed for demanding commercial and industrial applications and is perfect for recovery and rescue operations. Its compact structure allows for quick and easy installation.

Novawinch winches are the perfect option for people seeking affordable winch options that deliver excellent performance backed by an industry leading warranty.

Manufacturers for some of the biggest names in the business, the quality and pedigree of Nowvow’s proprietary winch brand Novawinch is without question.

Key Features

  • Dual balance valve – ensures reliable braking function
  • Two wire rope mounting holes on the drum for operational safety
  • Two stage high strength hardened steel planetary gears – provides uncompromising performance and efficiency
  • Reliable 100% automatic multi-disc hydraulic braking system
  • Highly efficient, long lifetime hydraulic motor can be rotated to meet different oil pipe lengths
  • Excellent weight to strength ratio
  • Heavy-duty winch sealing for superior water resistance
  • Manual clutch is standard, with an option for a pneumatic clutch
  • S AE J706 PART6.2.2 duty cycle tested
  • 75% rated line pull durability tested over 500 cycles


  • Recommended oil flow supply range is 35-60L/min
  • Dual balance valves as standard, winch must be used in independent oil supply system with relief valve

Important info

  • The winch should never be used for hoisting people or hoisting objects above people.
  • Do not use clutch under load.
  • Do not equip winch into oil supply system without a pressure relief valve.
  • Winch does not come with wire rope (roller fairlead is included)