EFS VividMax Ultra Work/Driving Light - 5" Square



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Combining function, design, and performance, the EFS VividMax Ultra work lights pack some serious features to outshine the competition.

Not just a work light this Ultra 5” can be combined with other VividMax light products to provide illumination at increased angles or even as a compact standalone driving light in their own right.

Light Specs

  • Lumens: 4800
  • LED count: 16
  • Lux: 1 Lux at 312m
  • Draw Amps: 6.6 at 12v
  • LED Type: TG3 Quad 20W

VividMax Ultra work lights boast high-power TG3 20W LED chips, offering a powerful emission pattern that ensures optimal performance in any scenario. The convergent off-axis parabolic reflectors create a focal point like no other, providing a lighting experience that stands out from the rest.

With remarkable clarity and beam range, featuring a colour temperature range spanning from 5700k to 6500k, these lights guarantee exceptional visibility in all conditions.

Offering versatile white and amber Daytime Running Light (DRL) modes with a unique start-up pattern sequence, sophisticated features, and a stylish finish, the VividMax Ultra range is a class above.

Crafted to withstand extreme conditions, the VividMax Ultra work lights are engineered with ADC12 cast aluminium body for maximum thermal conductivity; all external components have exceeded corrosion testing standards.

With a resilience to temperatures ranging from -40°C to 65°C and an integrated thermal management system, these work lights are not just accessories – they’re essential upgrades for any adventure.

Key Features

  • High-power 20W TG3 Quad LED chips
  • Colour Temperature – 5700-6500K
  • Lifespan 50,000 Hours
  • Aluminium-plated light buckets
  • Lens material – UV treated impact resistant polycarbonate
  • Body material high-quality ADC12 cast aluminium housing for better thermal conductivity
  • Connector supplied – Deutsch DT-4 connector
  • IP rating – IP67
  • 126 Hour salt spray tested
  • Cross-cut coating adhesion tested – ISO class 0
  • Lumens – 4800
  • Draw amps –  6.6 @ 12V
  • Operation voltage – 12-48 volts
  • EMC certified – UN-ECE R10

Fitment & Usage

Users are urged to ensure that the installation and operation of these lights align with NZ regulations that apply to daytime running lights.